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Q. Can I become an Awarding Body?

A. The HSE have no involvement in this process. However, AOFA stated they had Awarding Body status and it was unlikely that many more organisations would get it? A representative from AOFA stated that Training Organisations could not be Awarding Bodies due to a Conflict of Interest. Emergency Training UK have already contacted OfQual directly to clarify this as both AOFA and NUCO are clearly Training Organisations and by their own quote cannot be Awarding Bodies. Someone will complete the paperwork on behalf of the Training half and pass it over the desk to someone from the Awarding Body half!!!! We have no doubt the VAS will go down this route too. We will let you see the reply from OfQual when we get it!

Q. Will I have to join an Awarding Body?

A. The Representatives of the HSE clearly stated they would be looking at complete De- Regulation which means ANYONE can teach and they would not favour any particular route. The Association of First Aiders (AOFA) agreed the Awarding Body route would be more a form of Quality Check!

Q. What is the timescale for HSE proposed change for Training Organisations to take place?

A. The Representatives of the HSE would not commit to a date as there are many more points to take into consideration during the Consultation period.

Q. Do I have to change all my First Aid Kits to the new BSi Kit by 31 December 2011?

A. The simple answer is NO! The transition period is a brilliant marketing tool for the suppliers of these kits. The HSE have been involved in the development of the kits but state that having them on site is purely as a result of the Employers Risk Assessment and they will NOT be enforcing this issue. Current kits can have individual items added at a fraction of the cost of a New complete BSi Kit to bring them up to the same standard. Don't fall for "You have to comply" line. Below is the exact statement from the HSE!

"There is a British Standard BS 8599 for first aid kits, it is not a regulatory requirement under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 to purchase kits that comply with this standard. Instead the contents of a first aid box is dependent on an employers first aid needs assessment. "

Q. Does my Medical  Provider need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission?

A. Registration with the CQC is for companies who regularly provide Health Care Professionals who are going to be engaged in "licensed activities". This will generally be Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors, although other professions do fall into this. If basic First Aid Cover is required then there is no need to register. Most First Aid or other skills would not come under the heading of licensed activities. Emergency Training UK Ltd will ensure all criteria of the CQC are met when booking relevant staff levels. If one company is advertising a service that requires registration and then uses a "sub contractor" or "partner organisation" BOTH companies are considered separate legal entities and BOTH MUST be registered.Basic Patient Transport and Repatriation not requiring the use of licensed activities does not require CQC Registration at this moment. For more information visit the CQC Website. Don't be forced into extra expense that you may not require. Call or email us for FREE ADVICE.

Q. There are many Training Providers to choose from, how do I make sure my provider is legitimate?

A. All companies that teach First Aid at Work must be approved by the HSE or QCA/SCA and be able to provide you with their direct Approval number. Some companies "franchise" by using someone elses number and some just advertise approval when they don't have it. In the two latter cases there is potential for much less policing and quality control and lower standards. Use this HSE Database link to help you decide on your provider.

Q. After the changes to First Aid at Work Training in October 2009 does my certificate now only last twelve months?

A. Some confusion has arisen with this one but the answer is quite simple. The half day annual updates are only recommended by the HSE and do not effect any certificate dates. The basic certificate issued after successful completion of a First Aid at Work Course will still be valid for three years.


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